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What are the properties of chlorine dioxide?

•It has a molecular weight of 67.45.
• It is a gas at normal temperatures and pressures.
• It has a melting point of -59 oC.
• It has a boiling point of 11 oC.
• It is yellowish/green and has an odour similar to that of Chlorine.
• It is denser than air and is water soluble at standard temperatures and pressures (up to 2500ppm).
• It is explosive in air at concentrations (> 10%).
• It is prohibited from road and sea transport in its “free” form, and is normally generated at the point of application
using two precursor chemicals.
• It will decompose in the presence of UV, high temperatures, and high alkalinity(>pH12).

WhatsAPP: +86 177 0321 4557