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Stablized chlorine dioxide is chlorine dioxide?

NO. Stablized Chlorine Dioxide is NOT Chlorine Dioxide!!!

Though “stablized chlorine dioxide” is in the product name, it is not chlorine dioxide. There are only trace amounts of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in the stabilized chlorine dioxide compound.

The correct description of product is “stabilized chlorite” which is a salt-based product. They are prepared by buffering sodium chlorite with carbonate or phosphate and hydrogen peroxide. This stablizes the chlorite, not chlorine dioxide. When generating useful concentrations of chlorine dioxide in a stabilized chlorite product, either chlorine or a strong acid must be introduced. Even though stabilized chlorite is an oxidizing agent, but does not have the same oxidizing properties. The oxidizing action of chlorite is much lower, and is far less useful..

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