ClO2 Jelly Powder

ClO2 Jelly Powder


ClO2-Generating – 15%

Package Specification:

15 g/sachet, 30g/sachet or customized size as requirement.

What is CLO2 Jelly?

It is a gel form of chlorine dioxide gas release material. Put the powder into specified quantity water in the container, stir it fully, and several minutes later, a jelly-like is formed to release chlorine dioxide gas to the environment. CLO2 Jelly can be used as an air purifier, a deodorizer for odor and biological control in confined space.It eliminates odors, inhibits growth of mold and mildew, and kills odor-causing bacteria and fungi where moisture is present, such as cars, freezesr, washing rooms, offices, libraries and possible sites.

General Use of CLO2 Jelly :

Step 1: Fill water into the releasing bottle/container.

Step 2: Put the powder into water and stir it fully for 15 seconds.

Step 3: Cover the bottle and place the bottle where is needed

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